Your Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Partner

Formulation Development

Nanotherapeutics can provide services starting from process design and development (media screening, cell line engineering and cloning, production and purification optimization) through purification and aseptic filling. Partners will have access to:

  • A full range of drug development services
  • A wide range of experience with a variety of drug substance including potent compounds and controlled release formulations
  • Expertise in pharmaceutical process development and scale-up
  • Early stage clinical support and process validation
  • Quality by design applied to all specific development challenges


Particle Engineering

The GelVac®, NanoDRY®, and NanoQUAD® proprietary powder processing techniques are presented for the production of novel, stable, easy-to-administer oral particle formulations with improved therapeutic endpoints over liquid formulations.  Unlike traditional dosage forms that typically begin with granules hundreds of microns in size, production of nanometer-range (<1 micron) particle formulations requires specialized powder processing techniques that limit most companies from pursuing.  For improved particle formulations of insoluble drugs, Nanotherapeutics’ technologies have significant advantages over other approaches including: (1) greater stability than liquid formulations to allow easy shipment and storage without refrigeration, (2) non-invasive easy administration, (3) high efficiency of dispersion and absorption of the drug, (4) targeted delivery directly to optimum site of absorption / action, and (5) economical large batch cGMP processing. 

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