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Nanotherapeutics Announces Election of New Directors and Officers

Business Wire - January 2008

Weaver H. Gaines, Director and Chairman of the Board

James R. Butler, Robert J. Hennessey, and James M. Matthew, Directors

Dennis S. Kristof, Treasurer

Bärbel Eppler, Ph.D., Secretary

James F. Kirk, Ph.D., Vice President R&D


Nanotherapeutics' Board of Directors elected Weaver H. Gaines as the company’s new non-Executive Chairman.  Mr. Gaines is a serial entrepreneur, with 35 years of executive, legal, and entrepreneurial experience, particularly in early stage companies. He is also a trustee of Torrey Pines Institute of Molecular Studies and a director of the Florida Research Consortium. In other actions, the Board increased the number...

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