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Project Management

Nanotherapeutics is a fully integrated company in which product development programs are matrix-managed collaborations, with a Principal Investigator (PI) and a Project Manager (PM) assigned to each goal along with the related internal staff, subcontractor PIs and personnel, and consultants.

The project initiation phase requires assessment of, and agreement with, project objectives and scope requirements, and includes all activities necessary to facilitate a formal authorization to initiate the project.  To summarize, a project team is first created to assess the requirements, determine feasibility, create a solution, and help assign resources.  Members of this team are assigned based on project scope.  Nanotherapeutics will subsequently work with the proposed subcontractors to determine appropriate members of the Integrated Product Team (IPT) and Nanotherapeutics Product Development Team (PDT). After award, a kick-off meeting will be held with all required stakeholders, after which the work begins.  Once work is in progress, the PDT will meet regularly to discuss progress on the project.  

The PDT members will be matrixed into the team from all relevant product development areas including Project Management, Manufacturing, Quality Systems (Product Quality Assurance), Regulatory, Contracts, Subcontracts and Finance. The PDT is tasked with determining the overall strategy of the project and with subcontract/subcontractor management. The lead PM for the PDT provides administrative and business leadership to the PDT and ensures that it functions according to the scope, schedule and budget established for the program. The PI is also assigned to the PDT and provides oversight of the overarching technical strategy for the project and helps to ensure the functional support members are conducting the scientific aspects of the program according to the established strategy. The PI serves as the scientific lead on the PDT and interacts continuously and collaboratively with the lead PM.  

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